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Pediatrics Specialist

Lake Granbury Internal Medicine & Pediatrics

Penelope Jackson, MD

Internal Medicine & Pediatrics located in Granbury, TX

Making sure your child is cared for by a doctor with experience in pediatrics is essential in ensuring your child stays healthy as they grow. At Lake Granbury Internal Medicine & Pediatrics in Granbury, Texas, Penelope Jackson, MD is skilled in pediatric care and is focused on addressing the rapidly changing needs of children in the Granbury area.

Pediatrics Q&A

Why is it important for my child to see a doctor with pediatric care experience?

Childhood is a time of great physical and developmental changes. Taking your child to a doctor who has experience in diagnosing and treating the health issues that are most common during childhood is the best way to make sure he or she receives the best and most appropriate care.

Plus, family doctors like Dr. Jackson with pediatrics experience make it easy for your child to continue to receive care from the same provider, even as they move from childhood to adulthood.

What happens in a pediatrics well visit?

Pediatrics well visits are very similar to an adult annual physical, but special attention is paid to identifying signs of diseases and disorders that are most likely to occur during childhood, including problems with learning and development. The visit will begin with a medical history for yourself and your child to look for risk factors for diseases.

Height, weight and blood pressure will be measured and recorded, and your child's eyes, ears, and throat will be examined. We'll also use a stethoscope to listen to their heart and lungs, and we'll check their abdomen for signs of swelling or tenderness, as well as checking their joints and reflexes. In some cases, lab work like urine or blood testing may be ordered.

How often should my child see the doctor?

Like you, your child should have a physical exam every year to check for potential problems as well as to ensure vaccinations are provided on schedule. Having yearly exams is an ideal way to keep an ongoing record of your child's health and ensure their changing needs are met.

Are vaccines safe?

Yes, vaccines are safe, and they're also critically important in helping your child avoid serious and potentially fatal diseases. Our office maintains an updated list on all vaccine recommendations to help ensure your child stays healthy.

Dr. Jackson can discuss any concerns you have about vaccinating your child. She can also offer alternative options for children who can’t tolerate vaccinations due to allergies.

To learn more about available pediatric services at Lake Granbury Internal Medicine & Pediatrics, call the office directly or use the convenient online booking feature.